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How often have you experienced someone telling you, “just get over it?” How did that make you feel? Especially as children, we are told that our response is too dramatic! Too loud! Too extreme! “get over it and clam down!” I invite you to go back to that experience in your mind, and sit with it for a minute.  What sensations came up when they told you, “just get over it?

For me, I felt angry and empty. It felt like a disapproval of my experience, like a complete denial of what was actually happening. If expressing my raw emotion was wrong, then I was wrong. It was so easy to jump to the conclusion that something must be wrong with me. On top of that, I was being asked to push it aside and move along with a fake smile and a fake skip in my step.

This is what many of us, especially little girls, are taught. We learn to perceive our experience and even ourselves as flawed beyond repair from a very young age.

The realization of those belief may even bring up more anger, judgement, and resentment. I say perfect! Can you see the beauty in that darkness? Beauty in the disapproval? Beauty in the anger?
I invite you to try on this new way of being:

Close your eyes and again, go back to that experience of being told , “just get over it!” What were you experiencing? What where you trying to express?

Now imagine being with the experience, expressing it, seeing it through. Maybe even express it now, that’s right! Throw a temper tantrum, rage to angry music, scream into a pillow!

Now, do you see the lesson you gained from that childhood experience? Can you see how maybe it helped you get where you are?

Every experience you’ve had previously was a culmination of steps that has lead to this moment.

It ultimately taught you to seek a different way of being and now, here you are. When we can relearn how to receive each and every piece of our experience as the gift that it is – that is when the magic happens, THAT is the way of the divine feminine.

No way, really? Can it be that easy? Give it a try and let me know. And yes, it gets to be easy.


Infinite Love ~

Megan (5)

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