Connecting to nature can give you these 5 things. Are you ready to receive?

By August 31, 2017Blog
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Relax – Be – Desire – Create – Receive- Repeat


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Over the years I have felt a strong and primal draw for being in nature. Even if it is as simple as going out in the yard barefoot, connecting to mother earth is a top priority for me. Grounding is a practice in energetically visualizing your energy from your root chakra going out through the sole of your feet and back into the earth. In fact, one of the best ways I found to re-center myself is to go out and really connect with Mother Earth and nurture my spirit of adventure.

In all my contemplation about what instilled that spirit of adventure in me, I came up with a list of 5 things. I hope these 5 will bring you back to realizing what really makes getting outside meaningful and ultimately impactful on all our lives.

  1. Fresh air: Breathing is the number one way to get out of our heads and back to the present moment. It is simple, it is constant, and it is powerful.  Get outside and breathe that fresh air!
  2. Play time: We need LOTS of unstructured play time, as kids, adults, individuals, and as families. Real play time away from expectation and direction. When is the last time you let that inner child play? Listen to your heart, it knows how to play. Allow yourself the freedom to explore in a child like state of wonderment.
  3. Unconditional love: Take a look around, nature is full of unconditional love. When the Aspen tree takes carbon from the Pine tree during the winter. Pine doesn’t resent Aspen. No, Pine receives carbon from Aspen in the summer when it’s leaves are broad. This type of cyclical giving and receiving is everywhere in nature if you’re willing to look. We all make mistakes and fall short of expectations. However, everyone needs unconditional love and nature is our unwavering example.
  4. Being: A lake, trail, summit, field full of flowers… they have nothing to do, nothing to prove. How can you take that example and BE in nature? When is that last time you stopped all the doing and traded it for a state of being? The simple enjoyment of being outside will teach you more than you might expect.
  5. Presence: In a world full of distraction, attention is a priceless gift. It is so easy to get lost in our lives and we forget to take the time to really be present, truly focus. Not only does this distraction, this busy-ness, degrade from our experience but also from the connections we are making with nature, with our families, and with our friends.

Don’t just take my word for it! give your self the experience of being in nature. It can be as grand or simple as you would like to make it. Join me in creating more:

Moments instead of Drifting.

Connection instead of Distraction.

And Being instead of overwhelming Doing.

Infinite love ~

Megan (5)

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