Cultivating Intuition

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Relax – Be – Desire – Create – Receive- Repeat

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We often talk about a “woman’s intuition” as though it is something truly innate. As though intuition comes standard and freely to each of us. Although that may be true to a degree, intuition must be cultivated through practice. We do not expect to have keen skills in any other area of our lives without practice and the same principle applies to intuition. Imagine that you did not brush your teeth as a daily habit, would you expect to have thriving dental health?

The average life of a U.S. citizen is full of noise. We have smartphones, vehicles, construction, busy work, family needs, and many other forms of noise in our daily lives. As a culture, we do not value or take time for silence. In fact, many feel very uncomfortable in complete silence while others view sitting in silence as a complete waste of time. With all this neglect and noise how can we expect to hear intuition?

josh-adamski-116665Intuition is more than the “still small voice” many of us conceptualize it as. It is that, but also much more. For me it is a sensation, it is perpetual, and it can only come from a place of silent awareness. In the silence is where we learn to hear it, feel it, acknowledge it. It is only from experience that you will then be able to recognize its subtle message. With practice, you will then not only be able to notice intuition, but also be able to trust it fully and without a shred of doubt.

So how do we cultivate intuition?

Meditation of course. It sounds so simple, many dismiss it.

The beauty of it; it is the gateway to silence.

Simply sit in the silence one, two, three, even four times a day.

And if meditation, if silence sounds intimidating…. here are 4 beautiful practices to try.

15-minute So-Hum

daniel-mingook-kim-139409Start seated in a comfortable position. “Perfect pose” has a nice feel to it. You sit “Indian style” and then bring your bottom leg so it touches your other thigh and bring the top of your foot into the crease in your bent leg.

Bring your attention to the breath and just simply notice it.

Start to inhale So and exhale Hum. SoHum means “I am that.” Allow a connection with yourself to develop. When a thought arises, detach from them, come back to so-hum. Eventually, you will develop a skill for detachment and be able to detach from any preconceptions of who you are. Just be.

15 minute Four-part Breathing

Untitled design (10)Start by getting comfortable. Anyway, that feels good is fine. Even lying down in savasana is very beneficial. When we lay with our backs flat it gives the vertebrae in our spines a chance to reabsorb the water the gets lost throughout a day of standing.

Bring your awareness to your breath.

Start to breathe in for 10 seconds; hold in for 5; out for 10; hold out for 5. Continue to flow with this breath. If you get distracted by a thought or an impulse, become aware of the drift and gently come back to your breath.

15 minute slow hands

milada-vigerova-45368Sit comfortably and shake out your hands. Bring your hands to your thighs and notice the sensation of your pulse in your fingers. Breathing all the while.

Start to breathe into your belly filling it up. As you are inhaling, imagine a bright light emanating from your core or solar plexus chakra. As you exhale the light gets dimmer, as you inhale the light gets brighter, pulsing with breath.

Very slowly, start to bring your palms to face each other. Notice any sensation of the movement. See the light that was in your core, as a ball in between your hands. Pulse your hands slowly and feel the sensation of the light.

Now imagine the ball is the earth and the light from your breath is healing energy. Heal the world as you hold this light around it.

15 minute Air

meiying-ng-71590 (1)Stand in tadasana, mountain pose, with your eyes closed. Breath in as if your whole core, chest, and shoulders are an empty vase. Filling it up from the bottom up.

As you are breathing imagine you are at the bottom of the ocean standing in tadasana and breathing freely. Feel your arms- is there an undulation as the tide comes in and goes out?

This ocean you are imagining is the same ocean of air that we live in every day. It sustains us and gives us life.


Infinite love ~

Megan (5)

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