Does Your Heart Crave To Be Loved?

By October 12, 2017Blog
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Welcome to The Goddess Blog where I empower you to love all of you, reclaim your divinity, and create a life of ease and grace.


Do you long to be fully accepted for who you are? To feel as though you are SEEN and KNOWN and still loved unconditionally?

Do you ever desire to let all your walls fall away, to authentically BE all who you are?

If you answered yes, you are not alone.

It is easy to look for this kind of love, authenticity, and acceptance, in our relationships with other people. But the truth is until you can hold that relationship with yourself, trying to do it with others will yield less-than-wanted results.

Do you love YOU on all of those levels? Do you truly see yourself? Do you truly know yourself? Do you love yourself unconditionally? Do you answer your own heart’s cry for love? Can you truly BE yourself when you are alone?


Are their pockets of your personality you despise? Are their memories of things you’ve done that you still feel shame around? Do you try to hide a part of who you are because you feel it is ugly?

The journey of deeply authentic and intimate relationships starts with your relationship with yourself.

Do not expect a significant other, dear friend, or even family member, to dig deep and love all of you before even you have done so.

Does your heart crave love?

Than be love now… with your self.

YOU take the initiative! YOU pursue you the way you want to be pursued. Love you the way you want to be loved. BE you the way you want to Be.

And in doing so, you will make it possible to achieve that same authenticity and intimacy in your other relationships.


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