The Rise Of The Feminine

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Relax – Be – Desire – Create – Receive- Repeat

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The rise of the feminine
Begins with the rise of this breath.
Feel it lift the skin upon your nurturing chest And expand your holy belly.
The rise of the feminine power in you Begins, always, with a homecoming.

Come home, she whispers, with the gentle caress of wind upon your cheek. Return, she invites, singing to you with the rhythm of your faithful heart.

I have heard your deepest longings in the silent tears upon your pillow.
I know of that ache within your chest, the one that creeps in when your schedule and home lies empty and silent.
I know of that roguish thought which plagues you– that there must be more than this!
I can see your thirst in the way you consume so many things which poison you.
I can see your hunger in the lists you make– what you must do so you do not break.

Oh, darling, you have boxed yourself in. You are limited, controlled, expected to sin. But I still see the truth.
Beloved, all that you have sought is here for you–waiting.

Claim your infinite power. Place a crown of lilies upon your head and let your roots dig deep. Come to me. I see your light when you think it is gone. I feel your fire, I know you are strong. And those dreams you have, of flying high? Of touching the stars that burn in the sky?
Ah, dear one, I knitted your wings from gossamer constellations.

And your fears? What of the demons who whisper in your ears?
Well, I would teach you how to turn that darkness into the fertile soil from which would bloom an entire world.

But, the rise of the feminine is not about division– oh, no, we have had enough of that: Ripped from our hearts, our bodies, our people, our land. This is a reunion of two halves.

And once we can stand in that place, we understand:

Of course it’s been hard, we have been torn in two.
Defined by our image, the things that we do because we no longer feel our inherent worth– the same that is present in every being on earth.

So it is time to enact a remembrance of our strength–the interconnected kind, and reclaim the freedom that is our birthright. It is time to let our power rise up once more like the sea in high tide, like the magma that erupts up to form an island.
Through us, a new world wants to be born. One that is whole, rather than torn. A world that full of beauty and truth, a world that already lives within me and you.

The rise of the feminine always begins with a returning to what already is. Once you start to BE, you are GRAVITY.
That will set you free.
Can you open up? Can you receive these gifts that are offered to you

Cultivating Intuition


We often talk about a “woman’s intuition” as though it is something truly innate. As though intuition comes standard and freely to each of us. Although that may be true to a degree, intuition must be cultivated through practice. We do not expect to have keen skills in any other area of our lives without practice and the same principle applies to intuition. Imagine that you did not brush your teeth as a daily habit, would you expect to have thriving dental health?

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