Stories of the Divine Feminine Restored


Shelby Smith

Oh my Goddess, I have found it!!  Years and years of self improvement seminars, books and recordings…all played a part.  But Goddess!!

An experience that has exceeded above and beyond the typical results. All these years of practice became a way of BEing for me, not just a lot of doing.   At Goddess, my heart changed, my vision cleared and my results shifted.   Many have told me I am unrecognizable…in a good way!! I love deeper and receive love bigger!  At Goddess, I was treated like the divinity that I am, and so much more.  I will never be the same.  I now refer to my life as BG and AG…before Goddess and after Goddess!!!


Tara Darger

Before I went to Goddess I was wanting so much more from life but didn’t know how to find it. I had tried trainings, seminars, and coaches before and was very disappointed at the results. I told myself I would never do anything like that again. That it is a waist of money. Yet something inside of me kept bringing me back to attend Goddess.

I am forever grateful I listened and decided to choose me. The experience at Goddess changed me. I have never been happier in my life. I feel like I can finally stop searching and start being. If you’re going through a difficult time in your life right now with your health, relationships, career, or maybe you’re just feeling stuck. I see you, I hear, and I so get you. If you would would love to free yourself of the stories and cycles that keep you there, and embrace freedom and happiness in your heart and mind like never before… Then choose you, and give yourself The Goddess Experience.


Teisha Woffinden

Before the goddess experience I felt like I was in limbo mode. Not happy, struggling for direction and not really knowing what I was searching for but knowing that There WAS more but I didn’t know what.

I found that at goddess. I found what i was searching for, was shown direction and went through the most amazing self healing experiences than anything I’ve ever experienced before! And through it all I too was treated as a goddess and felt more love and support from so many amazing women than ever before! This truly was the most epic, life changing experience for me! I now finally feel like I’m moving forward in my life.


Maleña Taylor

“I don’t know how to love myself but I want to so bad.” “I know how to give but have a hard time receiving the good stuff.” “I spend a lot of time doing and I just want to know how to be.” “I have a hard time relating to other women on an intimate level & yet I crave that sisterhood.”

I know you say these things; I used to; and then I found The Goddess Experience, and all that ^^^ changed. For the first time in my life, I KNOW self love. I no longer limit receiving the ‘good stuff.’ I not only know how to be, I know how to manifest like a mother fucker through being. I’m now not afraid of intimate relationships with other women; I am in love with them. It’s an event like no other; it not only takes you where you want to go, it shows you how and continues to even after the event is over. I cannot; just GO.  Best gift you’ll ever give yourself.


Kami Mitchell

I am a mentor, trainer, and coach. I have been teaching about self love for years. I know tools and ways to improve love of self. Then I attend the goddess experience…and everything changed. I actually experienced loving ALL of me. Not just the strengths and powerful parts of me- but also the judger in me, the jealous parts of me, and the shamed little girl inside. NEVER had I considered loving those pieces, until Goddess. We didn’t just talk about it- we chose to BE LOVE toward our whole self. I am a different person completely because of those few days on the beach under Megan Darger’s umbrella of unconditional love and impeccable integrity!


Michelle Wilding

Before goddess I was struggling in all areas of my life. From career success, struggling with massive body image issues, to lacking meaningful relationships…

And now?? My life is unrecognizable in the most beautiful way! I have the things I most desire and they are even better than I imagined!! And the best part is I feel like I put in a tenth of the work I used and now I get 100x more results. I didn’t know life could be this easy and this enjoyable!! I can honestly say now that I LOVE my life!!! Thank you thank you Megan for unlocking part of my soul i didn’t even know existed!! I will be forever grateful to you.

Goddess…are you ready?

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