Hello There Harmony...

I’m Megan Darger.


So what do I do?????

I BE and I LOVE….That’s what I DO

And while I BE & LOVE all of me…

I help you REMEMBER the truth of who you really are, bring you back to your heart and home to the love that you are.

Through deep self love and the Trinity Power of the Divine Feminine, I empower you in reclaim your Divinity. Receiving ALL that life and the Universe has to offer.

By supporting you in stepping into the Divine Feminine Goddess that you are, you’ll effortlessly manifest what you most desire, by simply ‘BEING’ in the way YOU were inherently designed to ‘BE’ and creating a life that you love.

I’ll show you what you’ve forgotten: RELAXATION & PLAY.

Although I have completed countless courses, have many certifications and 10+ years of training experience, my real journey to liberation came through my intense and near deadly journey with Lyme Disease.

As a survivor of Lyme…I learned so many secrets to life that allowed me to create freedom, peace and a deep sense of ‘self love’ that has enriched and empowered my life in ways indescribable.

With LOVE AS MY GUIDE and My Purpose…

I share these powerful gifts and tools with you, the woman who is ready, willing and committed to go all the way.

If you are a woman reading this and are READY…. I will assist you in experiencing a deep self love that will empower you to fully express your true nature and live life powerfully liberated.

Infinite Love,


What are you waiting for?

It’s time to choose you.

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Sweet Tidbits.


I used to always take life serious and was always so busy living in my masculine. I now enjoy playing and experiencing life to the fullest. I loveee hiking, swimming in pure waters, soaking up the sun, making raw dishes, dancing my heart out, and traveling the world.


As a certified relationship coach, I am happily married (10 years) to the man of my dreams and have a beautiful daughter that I absolutely adore. Outside of The Goddess Experience my greatest joys is connecting and playing with family and friends, co-creating with my husband and transforming lives at our events.


Achieving Vitality in the way that you Nourish Your Body, Mind and Spirit is important to living a fulfilling Goddess life. That is why I went to Raw Culinary School and became a certified Raw Food Chef….. empowering others around Vibrance, Health & Raw Foods for 8 + years. If you want a taste of Divine Nourishment…get yourself to The Goddess Experience.

Above All.

My Purpose is LOVE. Join me.